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TEAMWORK KILLS! This is our Mantra.

This is the 5th and final guide in this series.  Here is a link to guide #1

As we reflect on our previous teamwork training courses, it is important to recognize the need for integration.
This is where the butter meats the bread.   With these new practice skills its going to take time to learn to use them, position your team and find an enemy capable of quality combat.  Each new map for whatever new game your playing will lead to learning new tactics and skill sets.  You have to be readily available to adapt to new tactics and techniques and apply them to the battlefield.

With all of the skills working together you will be able to sit back and watch the events unfold.  You have to actively practice these skills for them to become second nature.  Keep pushing your guys to work in pairs and together because it is the very nature of survival.  Two is always better than one. A combination of all skills will lead to success.  Follow your leader’s instructions and work with your partner.  Remember the Key to success is to WORK TOGETHER!  Teamwork Kills!


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