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Sean Gowing

Hello, my gaming handle is TwistedXvs. I have been gaming for the last 24 years. My gaming career started on the Imagination Network. My first FPS game was a flight sim called “The Red Baron.” Since the day I met that game I have been in love with the whole FPS style of gameplay. I have spent thousands of hours in our Genre and feel that I have a lot of experience that I can share with you all.

In my adult life, I joined the United States Marine Corps Reserve. I have one deployment to a war zone (OIF 2) as an aviation electronics technician. After getting out of the Marine Corps I went to work as a police officer. I have spent years honing skill sets that translate very well into the first person shooters genre. I have been a tactical SWAT Officer as well as a SWAT Sniper. I have attended training that has been put on by some of the most elite men this country has ever made. Some seriously high-speed mf’ers that could kill you with a look. Through all this wisdom I hope to impart some knowledge and make a place for us to combine our effects to make a community that is truly great and gives the genre we love the attention it deserves.

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