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Team Leader, The job no one wants.

This is guide #3 in this series.  Here is a link to guide #1.

The role of the team leader is never an easy one.  With the modern age of gamer getting every younger in years it’s increasingly easier to blame the one person who is the one trying to direct one’s team to victory.  The team leaders job is thankless and often not put in the proper position respect wise that it should be.  Through win or fail the credit for such victor/defeat will never fall on the person who made or tried to make it happen. It becomes a position of people just expecting you to do your job and they will do there’s.  They will never truly understand how incredibly difficult it is to direct men into combat and have them follow your orders.  Most of this generations gamer don’t feel tactics are important on the battlefield.  They think that testing their steal in a 1v1 is good enough.  Win or die its the new gladiatorial combat system of this generation that fuels the bloodlust.  In reality, things can be done easier and cleaner if simple tactics and discipline were applied. This isn’t by any means requiring people to apply realism to the point that these game types lose there fun and appeal but a simple understanding that two sets of everything are better than one.

An average pair will always beat a great solo player.  A poor quad will always beat an average pair etc.  The point and simple fact are that if players are willing to take the time, follow instructions and do what they are told to a certain point then they will be surprised by the outcome.

Lesson 7:

The role of a leader in combat is simple.  Organize your troops and deploy them in a way to counter the opposition’s movements.  This can be a challenging task and one that is not easily accomplished.  You will have to find people who are like-minded and willing to do whatever it takes to win.  You have to find those who are willing to follow direction and actually follow through with it.  Sometimes you will come across great solo players who we will refer to from here out as Furby’s.  Furby is a great solo player but feels that his exceptional skills by himself mean that he doesn’t have to follow your directions.  He’s one of your best players but he doesn’t follow the team leaders directions. He feels that he is an independent operator and that he is smart enough to find his own way into battle.  What Furby doesn’t understand is that sometimes he is going to be asked to risk himself for his team and it won’t be in a time that he chooses to do it.  It will be when its asked of him without if and or buts.  The Furby will either have to shit or get off the pot.  If he decides that he would rather do it this way your team will falter as it’s not a team at all but the individuals choice to belong.  My advice at that point is telling Furby to kick rocks and replace him with someone who might not be as skilled but willing to try and work as a team.  Skill can be taught discipline is hard to find.

Lesson 8:

Maneuvering to contact.  One of the hardest challenges for a team leader is to move to contact and quickly assess a situation and order men to battle.  If you don’t understand how to quickly assess a situation and make a split second decision the role of team leader is not for you.  It’s not an easy task and its one that has to be done quickly with little thought relying more on reflex than thought process.  The lull of indecision will cost you and your troops greatly. Any decisions even the wrong one will carry more weight then no decision at all.  When its time to order men to move you better be right next to them moving with them.  Once they gain trust in your tactical abilities to lead them they will do so without hesitation.


Lesson 9:

Remain calm.  If you freak out your men or women will freak out.  A leader is one who remains calm and can continue to direct his men to contact.  Keep your voice as neutral as possible or an aggressive neutral.  It will take practice and a lot of it.  Remember to breath when you come under stress a lot of time you will hold your breath and not even realize it.

A calm leader who keeps his cool even though you might be freaked out will inspire men to follow you.  Never tell them or show them how you feel.  Remain calm and lead them to victory or defeat but do so while remaining cool as ice.

Once again come by my stream and watch us perform tactical movements and work on our teamwork.   Hope you guys are enjoying my FPS gamer series!  Show your support by following me on twitch and reading my blogs!

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