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Squad play at its Finest. A guide to surviving the mess called War!

The gameplay on Squad is a very realistic experience. If you suffer from PTSD I would recommend not playing it as it will probably make you lose your shit. Squad is a battlefield simulator that encourages strong teamwork. They did a fantastic job setting up the in-game sounds to reflect the real thing. The models are fantastic as well as the terrain layout. The weapons platforms follow a realism stance and not a suped up lambo your crackhead father left to your asshole brother. (Black Ops 3)

The goal for the Devs seems to be immersion. They want the most realistic feel that you can achieve in a game. If you want to immerse yourself then I strongly recommend it. Now onto the review.


Listed, Greeneyedghost and I played it for most of the day yesterday. We had a fantastic time running a squad and leading our team to victory. The control systems are definitely still in alpha. They need to be cleaned up just a tad but they work.

We tried playing in other peoples squads but the communications they have and use drove me to the brink of drinking in the early AM. They talk about things that violate the first 9 blogs that I have written. We had enough, at that point Listed and I decided to break out on our own. We had the basics down it was time to lead men into battle. Listed would run the communications with other squad leaders, something else that gave me a headache which would free me up to lead the squad. We were able to do some pretty amazing things with a group of PUGS. (Randoms group members) Once they got the feeling how we run the squad they came back over multiple games to rejoin our squad. They loved the way that we would run our squad. They loved how we communicate and at one point one guy even asked if we were war veterans. He told me “man you really know your shit.”

I took it as a compliment meaning he was having a good time. Having Listed run the squad coms gave me the ability to focus on running the fire team. We were able to infiltrate an enemy base to the point we opened fire with hand grenades. It was a bloody mess but it was fucking awesome. Its all about communication. You have to sternly tell your squads directions and tell them what the greater plan is. It wasn’t all success yesterday like any leader learning a new battlefield, I put us in fucking terrible positions several times. We were never wiped out though. Let’s be clear on that. We had to reposition and the guys did fantastic listening to directions and for the most part interpreting and following them.

Position, Position, Position. If you don’t have it you will lose every time. If you don’t have it you need to find a way to get it. If that means to disengage the enemy and fucking run, you haul ass. If they have the high ground and you’re in the reaping box. Dodge that shit by putting your ass towards it and run the fuck like your mother’s virginity is at stake. Otherwise, you will meet our good friend Allah probably via the receiving end of an RPG. (Happened to me yesterday)

Use your squad and maneuver to where you have the advantage and utilize that. I was able to flank a group of 5 guys engaging my squad while they were building a FOB. I thankfully was packing a SAW and I used it to mow them down like a fucking forest. Solo work in Squad is a challenge because you’re usually facing 9 man squads that are actually working as a team. You can usually get 2 or so but then the rest will shit on you.

Overall I will give it an 8/10. The downfall is the wonky medical and interaction system that needs polish. The over gameplay is good and the sounds are fucking amazing.

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