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Sorry for the lack of stuff!

Sorry peeps!

There just has not been any FPS Games out currently that are interesting to me.  This lead to taking my first coding class so I have been working on that.  I have also developed a new love for another for of First Person Genre!  No, it’s not going on long walks on the beach.  It is First Person View or FPV Drones.  I have gone apeshit in this sport even building my own drone and FLYING!  It’s amazing.  So I will create a whole category dedicated to FPV Drone flying and racing.

I feel that it coincides with the theme of this webpage well, but I will separate the content out.  Stand by for many posts, videos and just a ton of general information about FPV Drones!


If you don’t know anything about drone racing well stay tuned we will become experts together!



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