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Roadside Ambushes and how you survive in FPS Games.

The next lesson I want to write about is something that is an interesting topic and it sucks to be on the receiving end of it, Roadside Ambushes.  It is not ever a pleasant thing and a lot of good men have died to its tactic.  Through their deaths we know its a viable tactic and that it will work well in the virtual world that we live in.  This series will be 2 fold.  It will encompass the tactics associated with roadside bombs and roadside ambushes and what to do if you find yourself in one.  How do you fight your way out of it and survive?  in this blog post, I am going to show you the tactics I use with my team when it comes to roadside bombs and how we fight our way out of a roadside ambush.  These things can be very fluid so I won’t be handing you the keys to the car and you can just jump in and go. But I will share with you something that you can bring back to your group and share with them hoping to get more of your team to come and read the blog but also so that you guys will become better at surviving such encounters.
  • The Roadside ambush with an IED.


For this lesson, I have a couple videos I want to share with you.  One of them is an IED roadside ambush against us.  The second is one that we set up.  Watch the videos and then we will discuss the tactics associated with them. These 2 are ambushes against us.
Our roadside ambush
After watching the video I want to take about placement from my roadside ambush video.  The placement of troops in my video is key and I want to talk about crossfire situations as those can affect the ability of all personnel to remain engaged on your target while it’s in your kill box.
This is where our video took place.  I want you to look at the troop placements and understand the concepts behind them.  Placement is everything when it comes to a roadside ambush.  #1 is a second story elevated position with full line of sight of our ambush zone which is near the gas station. #2 the position I was in you will see has a good line of sight against the whole kill box.  The reason #1 and #2 are in elevated positions is they can crossfire down at each other shooting towards the road without any fear of shooting each other.  The same goes for #3 and #4.  They can shoot towards a roadside target driving between #1 and #2 without any fear of a blue on blue scenario.  Once again placement is key and you have to set it up right so you can have full coverage of your kill box.  Once a target is in the box everything will go out the window so you have to prepare for that and understand that when the shit hits the fan people are just gonna lay on the trigger and not look to see what their backdrop actually is.
  • Now, what do you do if you find yourself in a roadside ambush? Well in the Marine Corps they tell you to fight through it.  Surge with maximum aggression and get yourself through the kill zone and kill the enemy.  The longer you sit in the kill zone the more of your friends are going to die.  You counterattack and you push the enemy from there setup kill zone and you squish them before they can adjust to your counter-attack. Good luck men.  Semper Fi!

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