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Return to Tarkov, or is it Escape!?

I have purposely taken my time before I gave an in-depth review of Escape From Tarkov.   I didn’t want to rush it but I have been playing Tarkov pretty much daily now for about 3 weeks.  I have gotten to level 36 as a USEC player so far and here is my feedback.

The game itself has many issues, it still being in closed Beta I accept that most of these issues will be worked out before the release.  Tarkov itself is an interesting concept of a game mode.  Pitty players who spawn in 2 separate sides of the map and have to fight through each other to reach the exit points.  Players can either avoid each other or smash into each other.  I usually prefer to smash into the opposition because I enjoy a game of seek and destroy the most.  I love the full loot aspect of people dying and losing there gear to me. What I love more than that is they can’t respawn in the same game and come make me fight them for there loot again.  That adds something unique that doesn’t really exist in the current market.

The shooting in this game is as close to realistic as I have seen so far.  Well except for the shotgun slugs.  Taking a 1oz slug in the chest with soft armor on would cause traumatic injury to the recipient.  In this game those statics are off.  It can take up to 3 slugs to the chest to kill someone which I think is crazy.  The transfer of energy from a 1oz slug would not only fuck you up bad it would knock you off of your feet.  I think if Battle State Games took some time and adjusted the slugs to either A cause a side effect on impact say a contusion to the chest making your vision blurred or hard to breath.  Something to the effect it would help rectify this.

I have to say they have done an amazing job though with the rest of the shooting aspects of this game. As a trained sniper I can employ some of the tactics that I learned in SWAT Sniper school which is refreshing.  I can practice trapping and tracking which is awesome but when I pull the trigger it gives me a sense of doing it for real which is great.

I love the amount of Modding you can do on the guns.  It’s next level great.  I can trick out guns many ways in which I would IRL.  I have utilized a ton of these guns IRL and it makes a gun nut like me love this game.  These guys have done a ton of research and spot hundred of hours modeling some of the current stuff out there.  So far they have done a great job.

I love that they captured some of the shooting position amazingness of Arma 3.  I love that I can adjust my kneeling position to match the barricade I am hiding behind.

Well with the good comes the bad..

Man the movement system is clunky as shit.  It is not smooth at all.  I feel like a hooker with 2 left feet when I try and move around.  Clunky is the best description that I can give it.

Lack of the ability to customize my character.  I am hoping they fix this ASAP



My god, there are a ton of people “in the know”  they just happen to know where you are no matter what.  I hope this game doesn’t become the next WARZ.  I guess only time will tell and we will see how well they do at banning the cheaters,  PUBG has failed horribly at it so let’s see if BSG can do better.

All in all EFT at its present is a 6/10.  If they can fix the desync, frame issues, crashes in cheaters it might be a higher score in the near future.

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