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Naval Action, the ultimate boat simulator

Naval Action is one of the best ships to ship combat games I have ever seen.  The best part of the game is the fact you can ram someone causing them to flip over!!
But what is not really discussed is the tactics used in Naval Action.  Naval Action is an FPS game that has you commanding a boat.  Your job is to seek out and destroy the enemy in a 1700 ad style way.  Mad Cannonballs.
The Tactics of the period was called the line Ships would follow each other in a straight line and smash the shit out of each other until one line so was damaged they had to run.  By then pursuit would be to challenging and one fleet would always escape total annihilation.
In this game you have to understand angles well and how those angles can be utilized to do the maximum damage to your enemies.  You also have to understand ship capabilities and how they are used to your advantage and disadvantage.  And lastly, you have to understand warfare.
To be successful at Naval Action tactics you have to be a charismatic leader that inspires your followers to obey commands.  Sometimes that will not be enough and a solid whip is an answer.
Much as the Articles of War state.
The good news is ships are easy to come by so PVP is plentiful if you can find a determined enemy.  You will most likely face a blob but if you utilize the strategy in these videos you should be able to win big.
Determination and boldness are key.

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