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IED Placement and putting your eggs in the Basket!

IED Placement and putting your eggs in the Basket! In our previous lesson, we talked about roadside ambushing with IED’s.  One of the questions that came up from my last post was IED placements and how to utilize placement to successfully accomplish your goal.  The best advice I can give you on this topic is getting as creative as you can with your object placement and don’t think if it looks to good to be true people won’t take the bait.  Because I promise you they will.

So to collect video for this lesson plan I went to a wasteland server and got an explosive crate.  I then got as creative as I could while laying explosives.  I would focus the IED in the funnel where I through people would travel, or I would create a funnel but work hard to not make it obvious that it was funneling them into the kill zone.  This can be accomplished in many ways but just use items that are common in the environment and use them to make it so people avoid them into your trap.

As you can see in this one I funneled the truck into the IED and he never skipped a beat.,  He drove right into my kill zone and I had pretty fireworks.

From the roadside to the City I then figured out ways that I could entice people to come step into an obvious trap and they continued to feed the kill streak.  The smell of Plastic explosive was in the air but they still flocked to the Easter Egg Basket because then temptation was too great.  Hell, even my own team couldn’t keep their paws out of my cookie jar.

From the City back to the countryside.  One piece of advice I have always had someone with you that understands what your mission is and how best to accomplish it.  When you bring in the fresh meat they tend to fuck shit up.  Sometimes it still works out in the end.
Lastly when they servers about to reset well you have to do something for fun.  Why not blow up your own team! Fuck it, it’s only Wasteland.
I hope these tips will help you with your explosive placements and help you guys improve your ability to kill your enemies.
The next post in this series will be a tactical debrief on a base raid we did and fucked up.  I shall write that one up covering the good the bad and the UGLY! In raw form.   Check back for updates to this blog in the Future!
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