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Field Formations, the down and dirty.

This is guide #4 in this series.  Here is a link to guide #1

Field formations can be anything you can come up with.  It’s been difficult to instill simple discipline into the average gamer so take this with a grain of salt.  You can only get as complicated as your crew will let you.  This can be an interesting topic and has much room for growth and debate but today I want it to be a down and dirty guide on how to quickly move your troops to formations.   The troops have to just understand the basic principles behind the formations and why they are to be used.  I am not the next Sun Tzu (which I have read the Art of War numerous times) but just read what I have to say and try and take some of it to add to your team’s toolbox of tricks you can apply to the field and the enemy.  The videos in this segment are live clips caught from my twitch and they are face paced action clips.  I hope that you can learn from me and the mistakes that I made as these scenarios unfolded.

Lesson 10:

Lesson 10 – 12 will be simple field maneuvers that you and your team can quickly do and or take that can try and put you at a position of fire superiority.  That is the ultimate goal of any attacking force is to gain the upper hand through maneuvering and firepower superiority meaning the most guns on target as possible.  This is a quick guide on how to quickly maneuver to these positions and gain the upper hand in any engagement.

As you can see in this formation all of your personnel on the field can engage the enemy without risk of having a friendly fire scenario.  This can be a dynamic movement unfolding as the scenario unveils itself you just have to keep mindful of the enemy’s maneuvering to counter yours and keep your troops moving during these times.
Lesson 11:
The Pincer Maneuver.   The pincer Maneuver is a difficult one as you have to be fast in action to not comprise your team’s movement.  If you have momentum and can obtain a surprise flanking attacking them you will quickly obtain victory.
With the enemy pushing at you-you can establish a base of fire that withdrawals from the enemy while the flanks advance in an attempt to gain the enemy’s rear.  Like I said this is a more difficult maneuver because it requires a lot of speed.  If you don’t get the flank your flankers will be exposed and easily wiped out.
Fast isn’t fast enough in this scenario.  If you follow the battle buddy philosophy it will ensure that you have at least 2 guns on target is better then one.  That was my mistake.
Lesson 12:
Good old faithful.  The Frontal Assault.  This one I have used numerous times in the past.  If you use sheer firepower to overcome resistance and have your guys push you can smash the enemy easily. Frontal assaults can be risky because you are trying to dislodge an enemy that doesn’t want to give up its real estate.  You have to push them out of the AO and win the day.  If they are not as well organized this should be easily accomplished.  Hit them hard and fast.  Don’t allow them time to gather themselves keep your momentum up and sheer force of will and steel.  Punish those who stand in the way.
Aggression and sheer will is what it takes to pull off a successful frontal attack against the enemy.


There is a ton of different formations that are out there for you guys to look at and see if you like it.  Feel free to share more information about formations that your teams use and bring them to the table we will roundtable them.
Keep the fight going!

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