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COD WW2, a review from my foxhole.

So, I have loved Call of Duty ever since the first one came out. While I was deployed in Iraq several of us had purchased laptops. We used to set up a LAN and play the original Call of Duty against one and other. It was a great way to pass time and build camaraderie. So with the release of the latest edition of Call of Duty, COD WW2. I had to buy it. It was going back to my original love, World War 2. This is a type of game that many of the older gamers, like myself, love. We love the themed warfare of the greatest generation whom ever lived.


 My thoughts on the Game

The Good-
So I purchased installed the game and dove straight in. I have to say that SledgeHammer studio does not disappoint with the cinematics. As I began to play through the content I felt immersed into the action and hell I almost lost my shit during some of the artillery barrages. The depth of sound engineering and breathtaking visuals should be the standard other game developers strive to achieve. The story was immersive and well written. I thought they did an amazing job building the brotherhood that comes with fighting alongside other men. The cinematics, oh the cinematics, They were a 10. So well done, half the time I thought I was actually watching a movie. I couldn’t believe how well done they were. All I can say is Bravo Sledgehammer Bravo.

The Bad-
I felt the gameplay itself was lacking. It had its moments of Challenges but I was able to easily adjust to them. I know when I say COD and Realism that is kind of an oxymoron. When I shoot an enemy 8 times with a 30-06 round, his whole upper torso should be missing very large sections of it. This even lead one of my viewers to comment on how many jackets the enemy must be wearing.   It took way to many rounds to kill an enemy.  This forced me to adjust my game style to quick scoping with any sort of sniper rifle and getting headshots. It seemed like the only way I was able to quickly and efficiently kill enemies. The movement was kinda sluggish and did not have the level of responsiveness that I demand after playing games like PUBG. I also hated the fact that I cant corner peek but the AI sure could. I felt the campaign was just a bit short as well. It took me about 6 hours to complete the campaign playing on normal difficulty.

The online play is just a run and gun.  Everyone just runs each other down with submachine guns. No real tactics involved in the game as players can spawn anywhere on the map. Not my cup of tea as they say.


I would rate this game a 7/10 overall. I rate this score for a 5/10 in gameplay but a 10/10 in cinematics.

There was much still to be desired from the responsiveness of the game. The cinematics of this game is amazing though. It is almost worth purchasing it just to play through the cinematics. Man those cinematics had me emotional several times with my service history. Once again Bravo.


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