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The Buddy System, Never leave your battle buddy.

 This is guide #2 in this series.  Here is a link for the first guide.

After deploying to the war zone and being submitted to a hostility faced by soldiers over sea’s it became quite known that you were never to go anywhere alone.  Bad things were even happening on supposed “secure” installations.  The same goes here stateside.  As an officer, you never go anywhere alone.  You always bring a backup because 2 officers together are better than one.  If there are 2 suspects you’re dealing with you bring 3 officers.  Simple numbers a lot of the time will defeat the potential resistance you might face.  The same goes in FPS but not for simple intimidation factors it more for potential firepower brought to the battlefield.The next lessons in this guide are going to focus solely on working with your battle buddy or your partner.

Lesson 4:

Buddy System and how it applies.  The buddy system is crucial to getting advantages over the others.  Being able to communicate well to each other and working simple tactics together such as a flanking maneuver, a bait, and switch or the frontal assault.  No matter the tactic you choose to employ any tactic at this point is better than milling about like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Your ideal battle buddy will thinking similarly to you and will move similarly to you.  Find that person then work together to improve your efficiency together.  Most people will read this and think we do this, but don’t be the ones who don’t practice simple tactics.  It’s when we get complacent we get killed remember that.

Remember our Mantra “Teamwork Kills”
Lesson 5:
That last video leads us to our next lesson.  It’s contact and cover.  It’s been around since the inception of Law Enforcement and it builds well into the lesson plan today.  The Contact is the main person doing action. The Cover is simply that.  The cover is there to cover your ass if shit hits the fan.  They are your support and there to help you out.  What this can mean is anything from talking to a subject, or to check a car.  The main purpose of this is that one person is doing something while the other sits in a spot where he can observe and spot any movement that’s taking place around him and deem it a threat or not. Simply put always practice this while in the team movement.
Watch how fluid and smooth this room clearing with Mantle and I is.  We play off of each others movement to make it a smooth transitions between rooms.  The reason for this is we adhere to the rule of 2 guns are better than 1.  If we come across a target we will both engage the target together to bring maximum firepower onto the target to drop it quickly.  In a game of kill or be killed that’s a win-win for us.

Lesson 6:

The last lesson in this guide is what I’m going to call Target Identification.  Basically what this means when you are linking up with your team be sure of your target!  DO something to make yourselves stand out against everyone else.  Everyone is going to be quick to go for green camo to blend in with the forest.  The problem with that is, if everyone is wearing green camo how are you going to tell each other apart from everyone else.  This can lead to bad things happening that wasn’t intended.  So do something different wear a pink helmet instead! Do something else make yourself stand out or this happens!

Feedback is always welcome if you guys are ready for the youtube course also let me know and I’ll begin work on that!

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