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The 7 P’s, Proper prior planning prevents piss poor performance.

The 7 P’s as it was referred to in the Marine Corps.  This blog will talk about properly planning a strategic strike on an enemy base and then executing that plan.  The goal is to survive contact with the enemy and facilitate the mission’s objectives without failing.  This op plan was for an enemy team in ARK.  We set up this plan to crush the enemy.  Get creative with your planning as that is what will pay off in the long run.  This guide can apply to any sandbox style game.  You should always have an operation plan.  You can develop it to be as simple or as complex as you like.  Always have contingency plans because as we know.  But the lesson to learn is no matter how much planning you do, no plan survives first contact with the enemy.  So stay flexible and stay tactical and you will prevail.  The intent was to record this raid but we ended up just pulling it off with 4 guys.  Hope you enjoy.

The Mission:  Clear and Breach The Warriors Vault which is located on their wooden base.

The Operation

9 of our people will be split into 3 teams.   We will have one team consisting of the distraction team while the second team will be the insertion and the last being the sapper/extract team.

The teams will be as follows:

Team 1: Distraction or TREX team will consist of 2 members on Dino’s with Stalker as the team leader in a sniper hide on overwatch.

Team 2: Will Consist of Mark, Chris, Myself, and Dan.  We will be on 2 throw away Argent and will insert upon command from operation leader.

Team 3: Will consist of one bird with max weight carrying the “Sapper” or C4 Breacher

The Plan:

Each team will go to its staging position shown in the pictures.  Once in your position, the overwatch will take his position and then direct the operation from his POV.

He will initiate the assault by whispering the main raid leader and giving the green light to begin operation.  The T1 will then approach the gate and attempt a breach in the outer wall next to the gate.  See picture.

Once the TREX team is going to make as much noise as possible to draw defenders into fighting them off at the gate.  We will attempt to lure out the 148 TREX away from the main base compound.  If we can kill it with consistent sniper fire then that is the plan for that.

Once the defenders are drawn towards the outer wall to defend T2 Will be given authority to execute.  the 4 man team will land on the upper level of the base and begin to breach and clear using grenades the wooden walls and doorways.  Once access is made to the base the main going of that team is to locate and eradicate any beds that they might find.

Once we clear the vault breacher team will call in the Sapper.  Skycrane will deploy the sapper to follow breacher team in then commence operation nutcracker.  We will blase the enemy vault until it pops then retrieve the goodies.  Once the safe is cracked sapper and 2 of the breach team will begin to load up the goodies into SKYCRANE and any of the remaining argentavis’ from the initial mission launch.  If TREX team has cleared the field of enemy opposition then TREX team will guard the entrance until the loot is loaded and gone or make themselves available to pack the loot out as well.

This will be televised raid to be used in a blog post to that I am going to write about mission buildup and plan execution with a strong reminder that no plan survives contact with the enemy.

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